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eTECH Broadband is currently serving the town of Telluride and surrounding area with high speed internet service via fixed wireless network using the Motorola Canopy technology.

Our network is always growing. We currently offer service to the following areas: 

  1. Applebaugh

  2. Brown Ranch 

  3. Elk Run 

  4. Fall Creek

  5. Grayhead Subdivision 

  6. Hastings Mesa

  7. Hastings Estates

  8. Iron Spring Mesa 

  9. McKenzie Springs

  10. Mountain Village 

  11. Norwood

  12. Pathfinder 

  13. Raspberry Patch 

  14. San Bernardo

  15. Sawpit

  16. Ski Ranches  

  17. Sunshine Mesa

  18. Telluride

  19. Telluride Pines

  20. Trout Lake

  21. West Meadows

  22. Wilson Mesa

Subscribing to our broadband service requires the installation of a radio (and possibly a reflector dish) pictured above on your house or a remote location on your property.

Wireless broadband internet service requires line of site to one of our access points. Some locations may not be able to see our towers from ground level and a rooftop survey may be required. All site surveys are free and require no obligation.

Call or email now for a site survey to determine if service is available in your area.

(877) 651-6299


  1. Basic Installation and Setup:  $195

  2. Basic Installation and set up consists of an installation that does not require anything higher than a 25’ ladder, 50’ of cable and one single penetration into the house. 90% of installations fall into this category. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate if the installation exceeds the criteria for a basic install. All additional work is performed on a time and material basis.

  1. Basic installation also only provides you with one ethernet cable which is capable of providing service to ONE computer. If you wish to set up service for additional computers at the site and/or set up an internal wireless network, you will need to purchase additional equipment. We can provide the equipment and offer assistance on the set up of the equipment at an additional charge.

  1. Most basic installs take about 2 hours to complete.

       Monthly Service:

                          3.0 Mbits              5.0 Mbits           10.0 Mbits

                           $63/mo                $74/mo              $95/mo

  1. 12 for 10 Plan:

  2. Pay for 10 months up front and get 2 months free service!

  3. Plus, you get $100 off the setup charge!

  1. All accounts include up to 5 email addresses on,, or other domains.

  2. All email accounts include basic spam filtering and 500 megabytes of storage space.

Additional Services :

  1. Static IP Address:                          $10 per month.

NOTE: eTECH Broadband maintains ownership of all equipment installed including the radio, reflector dish or antenna, and power supply for the radio. We will replace or upgrade the equipment as necessary, in the event of damage (not caused by user), or changes and upgrades within our network.